YOU'VE COME to the right place for fractal-printed clothing, mousepads, drinkware, posters, and such! Our shops are open on CaféPress: to go to a shop click the picture. These are only the first of what should be many. If you don't see something with your favorite fractal on it, ask for it! And to see the rest of my site, go to my HOMEPAGE.


'here be Dragons'

Transformation Spiral

a mystic Fractal

Omar Khayyam's 'Checkerboard of Nights and Days'

Schlaraffenland Marching Band

Papillons en Ombre
(Butterfly Shadows)

Ascension Spiral


Prints are available right now, from me: for an 8x10 (8x8 for my square format) laser print of any Fractal, the price is $5.00 plus $4.00 shipping. 11x17" laser prints are available for many (not all) of my fractals for $8.00 plus $5.00 shipping (and as a general rule I can ship two or three for the shipping price of one). As to why you should pay this for something already sitting on your screen waiting for the "print" command...the answer is RESOLUTION. That 800x600 that looks so good on your screen is showing at "screen resolution" of 72 dots per inch (dpi) or 96 on newer high-end monitors. But "print resolution" is 300 dpi. If you print out a picture from your screen it will not look good at all! (the difference in effective resolutions has to do with the fact that your monitor is emitting light but paper is only reflecting it) So a printed picture has some four times the dpi of the screen. But that picture only has so many dots (pixels) to start with, so the quality doesn't go up...the size goes down. Do the math! (it's a lot simpler than z squared plus c) At 300 dpi that screen-filler is only about 2 3/4x2". Wow! That's 2 prints, sideways and back-to-back, on a 3x5 index card! If you have a cheap little inkjet printer you PROBABLY won't notice the difference between a print at 200 dpi and one at 300. But this says less about the effectiveness of 200dpi than about the limitations of cheap little inkjet printers on quality work. Even at 200 dpi, though, that 800x600 fits very nicely (with generous margins) on the index card. And if you try to go below 200 dpi you will DEFINITELY notice a difference, even with cheap little inkjet printers.

In short, if you want somebody's fractal hanging on your wall, save yourself the aggravation and buy a copy from them.

I'm now offering FREE a dozen of my Celtic tiles. I'm not sure I understand what makes a tile "Celtic." Perhaps a deutscher Bruder like myself shouldn't even try. But these are ones which, for whatever reason, remind me of the Emerald Isle and the Book of Kells. They are free for your private use: commercial and institutional users must contact me first. Enjoy! Download here!