ONCE, in favored sections of the third planet of an unremarkable G2 star, the dominant species developed its technology to the point that they began to confuse it with civilization. And the technological development leading most readily to the confusion was surely the computer.
Among its more important (or at least remunerative) functions, it could graph certain recursive complex-number equations which up to then had been mere mathematical curiosities. And suddenly worlds burst forth onto the screen -- fully formed and self-consistent worlds, as from the hand of a supremely gifted and masterful Intelligence.
Too beautiful for science, too soberly mathematical for psychedelia, too remote from human concerns to be widely popular but too immediately accessible and evocative to become an art-world cult, they nevertheless attracted to themselves from all the corners and cultures of the world a band of creators, admirers, and programmers who bent their talents toward letting the latter become the former.
Though neither scientist, psychonaut, coder or globalist, I have become part of this band and here offer my Fractals for your enjoyment and inspiration. However, they remain my property, so if you want to make use of them please see my

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and since there's more to Life and Art than Fractals (Heresy! Heresy! Issue a fatwa!) I've included a non fractal Gallery! Work in Photoshop, Illustrator, Ultimate Paint, and combinations!