it's the fourth of july

    come see the parade
    can't get this from highlights on the sixoclock news
    whose kid in the marching band
    why don't they play sousa anymore
    fire engines
    old cars
    drove a wreck of a one like that on my first date
    who turned me into an antique?
    no speeches
    thank god for small blessings
    greasy hotdogs
    kids with balloons
    where did all these faces come from
    this is your hometown

    fire up the grill
    invite over a few friends and neighbors
    haven't seen you for awhile
    what's on the tube
    does all this have to do with Independence
    does she mean looking at you that way?
    get out the old glove
    toss around a few balls
    toss down a few beers
    young guy across the street setting off
    bunch of chinese bottlerockets from south carolina
    good stuff

    come see the real fireworks
    can't get that on the tv either
    blankets on the grass
    remember when the kids
    young girls today dress like sluts
    hush dear
    are you enjoying yourself?
    how come
    sounds like vietnam/baghdad/any night in the ghetto
    gunpowder finale
    rockets' red glare
    bright as dawn's early light
    go find the car
    my, how dark it's gotten
    drive like lemmings
    but only for a while
    used to watch this stuff
    with that old gang from high school
    wonder how they're doing
    where the time went
    what all this has to do with Independence