Polinom Segment



Northern Lights


Green Fuse



Ascension 2
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Squared Circle

Burgess Shale
Seed Pod


The Beast

Like Janus, these fractals look forward and back. Back to a time of newness, of 'self-similarity at all scales,' of an Escherian ambiguity and mutability of foreground and background: a time when seeing intricate images generated by equations gave one the feeling of looking into God's own workshop. And forward, because the river flows, the moving finger writes, and even today's most transformative paradigm shift is ultimately only tomorrow's cliché. But both faces wink, because nothing is as new as it seems and no form is so hackneyed and played out that a youth of genius -- or even a stubborn geezer who doesn't know when to quit -- can't bring fresh work forth from it. Happy New Year!
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