I'M WRITING too many of these 'disaster' paragraphs -- but it's scarcely my fault. And now New Orleans joins the tsunami and 9/11 on a list of tragedies that can only make 'sense' (if then) on long historic or geologic time-frames. But we can't live in that time-scale. Man lives on the scale of next breath, measured in minutes: of next food and drink, measured in at most days. How we propose to mesh that with a scale of 3 to 4 months till the power comes back on in a major American city is mind-boggling. And where Art -- especially an abstract and mathematically based Art like this -- comes in, is quite properly not even part of the discussion. And yet what are we without it? A larger type of ant, perhaps, and all in all one not likely to survive as long as the older and smaller varieties.


Tadpole Jewel

Medicine Wheel


Fractal Brain

Cheshire Cat



Alien Pram

I Have Cried My Eyes Empty

Wings of Angels

Spiral with Moebius




Rain of Fire

Technical details: the first row is from the Atriatrix module of Ktaza, all coloring and other effects done in Ultimate Paint.
Next six are Lyapunov formulas, rendered in non-Lyapunov modes (in Sterlingware). The rest (minus one) is from Apophysis. See my links page for contact info.
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