Gallery 18

Well, you never know .This was going to be my all-or-mostly-Apophysis gallery, but my Fancy, like a bad puppy, went to chew some old shoes rather than follow the scent I put her on. She might make a good hunting hound one of these decades, but what the heck, she's the only dog I have and we've gotten rather attached to each other. Anyway, one thing the l'il' sniffer did come across was some new parameters for TieraZon, which explains the first five Fractals. Then we went hunting for Lyapunov fractals that don't have the highschool-geometry-teacher-on-acid look that so many of them do. Bagged six. Finally got the hound on the scent (Good dog! Good dog!) and came up with two from Apophysis. The rest of what you see we hunted down on the back 40 at Sterlingware and Fractal Explorer. So now, without any more of what my German cousins might call "Hunter's Latin"...Enjoy!


Scheibleweise 2

Mandel Spiral



Pond Reflection

Blue Spiral

Against the Grain

The Hairy Eyeball




Chrome Circle

Flower Spiral



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