Gallery 17

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! least that's what you're supposed to say. But 2004 was not a good year for me, and defined primarily in terms of what did NOT happen: i.e., terrorists were NOT able to strike within the U.S., the economy has NOT produced more good-paying jobs. And on a personal level, a situation which I had hoped and prayed would change has not only NOT changed, but shows no prospect of doing so. But in any situation defined by absence, it only takes one presence to change everything, for better or worse. As witness the late tsunami. This isn't a plea for donations. But it shouldn't take a 9.0 earthquake and its aftermath to make one realize that we're all just pilgrims and strangers here, that each Today is a gift and every Tomorrow inshallah. So I try, in the far-less-than-eyeblink of geologic time which is my life, to make some difference for Good, and I offer up my Fractals to a world which, if not starved for beauty in an absolute sense (it's always around if you know how to look), is definitely short of the kind it can notice and feel good about. Your visits to my site tell me I'm succeeding...Happy New Year!!

Weird Sisters

Blue Orchid from Hell

Crystal Star



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Burning Ice


Smoke & Mirrors


Blue Flight

Bear Claw



Rembrandt's Nautilus

On a less exalted level, the technical details: 4 fractals from Ktaza, 2 from Sterlingware, one each from Fractal Explorer and Vchira, and of course the last 8 from our new toy Apophysis.
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