Gallery 12

Well, friend, whether you're an old fan who drops by every month or so to check on my new stuff, a first-time visitor who -- remarkably like myself -- always goes straight to the newest gallery so he can find out what this crazy @#$%^&! is into NOW, or anything inbetween, you're seeing what are undoubtedly my last fractals for 2003. It's been a great year (artistically anyway) so let me make my New Year's Resolutions now, if only so I can break them before the January rush.

FIRST, I will be learning CSS and upgrading my site, hopefully without clogging things up with too many bells and whistles. And SECOND, I will be fractaling with some new and different programs (but the same old Schlaraffenwitz).

And lastly, a request. Even if you're an atheist, take a minute in this season to pray for someone who has your problem (whatever it is) only worse than you do. Who would know better how?

Magritte's Window

Shattered Mirror

Homage to Picasso


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Saturated Knot


Levitating the Pentagon

Promise of Spring



Peace (Africa)


Fractal Garden

In Stereo

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