Gallery 9

HERE I GO again...shouting into the void and wondering if anybody's listening. But it's the disease of our time: we all want to be heard but we've lost the ability to hear, and even the courtesy to fake attention. Ego primus inter peccatores. I watched the "talking heads" on TV debate gun control once. They kept interrupting and overtalking each other with an intensity and shamelessness seldom seen even in third graders. I was convinced that, had they been together in the studio instead of connected by video feed, one would have pulled a piece on the other and said, "you WILL let me finish this thought."

Such is the state of affairs in this country that it probably would have been the one advocating gun control.

That said, let me introduce the latest group of Fractals. The first is from Fractal Explorer and the last from Sterlingware, but the rest are me playing with my new toy Vchira. Rows 2 and 3 are my attempt to do something new with the Mandelbrot set: whether I've succeeded or not is after all for you to say.

I'm listening. And I don't even have my gun.


Tropical Night


String Theory




Bosch Cubicle

Fractal Church



Lake Mandel



Spiral of Spirals


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