Gallery Seven

THE INSANITY continues -- It's quite true that many of my favorite Fractals, to this point, have been "photorealist" impressions of half-familiar lifeforms and almost-possible objects. But when an abstract, flat-rendered, quadrilaterally symmetrical image shows up at my eye-gate with no other credentials than its Quality -- it will, of course, be granted admission! As Emerson said, "a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds." One might as well fault Captain Cook for not having continued to discover Polynesian islands -- or Picasso for abandoning strict Cubism.

Leaving aside (for self-protection) the question of what sort of mind a foolish inconsistency might be the mark of, I say -- Enjoy the Show!



Quad Section

Ring & Interference

Medicine Shield

Cross in Clouds

Scifi Forest

Martian Roses


Ascending & Descending

Fleurs du Mal

Rings of Life
(Joy Subdued in Time of War)

Schizo Mandel

Poppy Fields

(Om Mandel Partly Home)

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