Gallery Six

THIS GALLERY is the beginning of what I've created since I got the website up and running. I don't know how things are for other Fractalists, but I'll go through bouts of fascination with certain formulae or rendering parameters, and keep coming back until I can get a spot that's over the "only 90% right" threshold. Once I do get one, it's usually good for at least two -- sometimes as many as six -- pictures. Most of these never do more than sit on my secondary drive, still not right enough to use but not quite wrong enough to delete. There are some formulae -- the nova variations most prominently -- which continue to tease my interest, despite my failure to get anything I'm really happy with out of them for months (kind of like the baseball player who kept a bat mounted over his mantle because "there were still a couple hits left in it.")

So here, with warts intact and still in more or less chronological order, is a record of my continuing interest (or obsession) and development (or "perseveration") with these things called Fractals.



sky constructions
Sky Constructions

nova thread
Nova Thread

satin mandel
Satin Mandel

night harp
Night Harp

fractal heart
Fractal Heart




Facilis Descensus Averno

Alien Vertebrae

Spiralia da Vinci

Cold Fusion

Gravity Waves

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