Fair Use Policy

Somewhere between an RIAA dystopia where no electronic device can exist that doesn't conform to the standards of those garbage-distribution conglomerates called "Hollywood" and "the music industry," and the situation prevailing some four and a half centuries ago, where Cervantes languished in debtors' prison while his immortal Don rode to the top of the European best-seller lists in pirate editions, is the right compromise point between copyright and fair use. I don't know where that point is. I don't know how it would be enforced. But I know what I want (and since it's my stuff...)

First, there is to be NO HOT LINKING TO ANY CONTENT ON THIS SITE FOR ANY REASON! That is bandwidth theft and it can run into buck$$$. I'm already stretching things to be able to bring you this site without popups from my web host. The ancient Greeks had a saying that seven cities contended for the honor of having been Homer's birthplace, but while he was alive Homer had to beg for his bread in every one of them. The material condition of the arts has NOT improved since then...cut me a break!

Second, Terms of Use: